Gas Heaters and Pets

Pets and Gas Heaters

Now that Winter has taken hold, it's time to dust off the heaters and get them running for those chilly evenings. And of course your family cats and dogs like nothing more than to curl up in front of the heater, even with all the fur!

This does cause problems though, as the fur they shed eventually finds it's way into the intakes of gas heaters and can not only cause problems with how well the heater operates, but also can block vital parts and contribute to a serious fire risk.

Your pampered pet could be a fire hazard.

Now, we're not saying that you should kick your pet outside permanently, as any dust buildup can cause this issue, but annual servicing of your heater will not only improve your heater's efficiency, but reduce the likelihood of being a fire hazard.

Always leave the maintenance to the experts.

Don't attempt to clean or maintain gas appliances yourself. A qualified gas plumber is always a safe option for your home and your family.


Michael Ryan


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