How to Keep Your Pool Clean

It’s as easy as…


A... Maintain your Chlorine

Ensure your salt chlorinator is switched onto summer mode. If your using a tablet feeder check and fill it weekly or as needed.

B... Deal with Waste

Sunscreens, moisturisers, hair products, perspiration, rain and urine all have effect on chlorine, and render the chlorine useless. When this occurs the pool will look dull and smell strongly of chlorine. This can be fixed by ‘oxidising’ the water.

Add one bag of ‘Shock N Clear’ to the pool with the pump and filter on and continue to filter for at least 2hours (ensure timer is set to manual). Oxidising the pool weekly will ensure your pool always sparkles and maintains a healthy swimming environment.

C... Prevent Algae

Adding an algicide every three months will ensure your pool stays algae free. Doing this also reduces the amount of chlorine needed. We recommend using Focus Blackspot and Longlife Algicide.

Did You Know???

That a dog swimming in your pool introduces more contaminants to the water then 60 people.

Spring Start Up Tips:-

With the weather warming up it is important for you to run your filter longer than in the colder months. We recommend running the filter for at least 8 hours a day. Time clocks are a great idea as they save you remembering to turn the filter on and off each day.

It’s a good idea to have two skimmer baskets, this way one can be drying out (leaves are easier to clean out when dry) and you have another ready to use straight away.

The media (sand or cartridge) inside your filter needs to be cleaned at the start of the swimming season. We recommend using Focus Filter Cleaner & Degreaser as it removes oil, scum and dirt; increases filter efficiency and water quality; also protect your pool equipment/hardware.

Ensure your water is tested and balanced correctly to ensure the chlorine is at a safe level, the water is comfortable for swimmers and to preserve the pool equipment and surface.
The combination of chlorine and UV quickly take their toll on all plastic items around the pool.

Spring is a great time to check everything is in good working order (no broken or sharp edges).
Check that your CPR sign is not out of date. It is the law in all states to have a CPR sign in the pool area and the Australian Resuscitation Council has recently updated best practice CPR guidelines.

Check that you pool fence is at least 1.2metres high, secure, sturdy and in good working order. It should be no more than 100mm from the ground and have vertical gaps no more than 100mm apart. The gate must open outward from the pool and be self-closing, self-latching and shut on the first swing. Also the latch should be more
than 1.5m from the ground.

Contact WaterWorks Tamworth for more information on pools and spas.

Michael Ryan


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