Waste Water Management


Septic Tanks

2500L Septic Tanks
Everhard Industries offers the complete Septic System Range for any situation including septic tanks, collection wells, grease traps and greywater recycling units.


  • 87042 - 2500L Septic Tank - Deep Invert
  • 87043 - 2500L Septic Tank - Deep Invert with Partition
  • 87001 - 3000L Septic Tank
  • 87003 - 3000L Septic Tank with Partition
  • 87005 - 3000L Septic Tank - No Holes
  • 87210 - 4000L Septic Tank
  • 87211 - 4000L Septic Tank with Partition
  • 87215 - 4000L Septic Tank - No Holes

Made to Australia Standard AS/NZS 1546.1:1998
Light weight yet extremely strong and durable
15 year manufacturers guarantee

Septic Tank Brochure



Collection Wells

Everhard Polymer Collection Wells and lids are lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, meeting the exacting demands of the Australian/New Zealand Septic Tanks Standard AS/NZS 1546.1998.
They are made from fully injection moulded polypropylene, with the tank lids UV stabilised for long life in accordance with the standard.

  • 87007 – 3000L Polymer Collection Well
  • 87216 – 4000L Polymer Collection Well

Evertrench Sullage Trench

Evertrench® Sullage Trench

Evertrench® Polymer Trench Liner is widely regarded as one of the best systems available for the disposal of wastewater from a septic tank in unsewered areas.
With Evertrench®, family health is protected by providing safe and efficient disposal of wastewater from kitchen sinks, bathroom and showers, laundry tubs and septic systems.
Evertrench® Sullage Trench Sizes

  • 82010 – 230x1500mm Small
  • 82020 – 350x1500mm Large
  • 82030 – 410x1500mm Jumbo

End Caps, Spreader Bars and Geotextile Rolls also available.
*This product was also known as Everglas Squareline Trench