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WaterWorks Tamworth supplies a full range of pool toys & games from Swim Sportz.

Splashwak Totem Tennis

LTT218 Splashwak Totem Tennis

A backyard favourite now available for your pool! Waterbomb ball allows for huge splashes as you play. Extra springy paddles great for speedy play.


LSB005 Terminator

The Mini Eliminator with muscle. Take aim and fire with the grab and twist handle bars which makes it easier than ever to find the right arm position for maximum spraying power. Shoots up to 10 meters.

Super Slide

LSS250 Super Slide

Slip, slide and splash on this high quality rugged inflatable slide. The Super Slide comes with a sprinkler sprayer that hooks up to your garden hose to keep the slide surface super slippery. The slide has a soft landing pad extension for safety and a rear step for easy access.

Great White Alley

LGW004 Great White Alley

No need to fear this great white! Just swim through and defang his lower teeth! Pull out all the teeth on the same dive and chase them to the surface. Shark head and teeth made from soft foam material.

Splash N Skim

LSD500 Splash N Skim

Splash n Skim. Skim it, Splash it. The flying disc that skips, skims and splashes across all water surfaces up to 15 meters. Show off your skimming skills. Pack includes three skim discs made of soft foam, so that the whole family can safely enjoy Splash n Skim.


  • LSS015 Subskate - Blue

  • LSS017 Subskate - Pink

  • LSS023 Subskate - Green

The sensational leisure product taking the world by storm. The user takes the board underwater and then goes on a wild ride to the surface.

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