Pool Fencing & Gates

ALL homeowners will now have to register their backyard pools and will be subjected to random inspections under a raft of new laws to address an alarming rate of drowning deaths.

Property owners face fines up to $5000 while vendors will be stopped from selling or leasing properties unless they meet fencing requirements.

On average, six children drown in home pools each year with a further 36 children suffering brain damage. Other proposed changes include compulsory pool inspections when a property is sold or is being leased, and mandatory inspections of facilities - such as unit blocks or tourist accommodations - where pools are used more often. Certificates of compliance will last for three years and will be issued by private certifiers or council inspectors, with council certification costs capped by the government at $150.


Magna Latch



Latches & hinges for all gates

WaterWorks Tamworth sells & installs the award winning MagnaLatch Gate Latches, hinges & accessories.

All pool gates require a child proof gate latch and self closing hinges to prevent children from drowning in backyard swimming pools. 

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