Pool Cleaning Equipment

Waterworks Tamworth supplies a full range of pool cleaning equipment from Swim Safe.

Leaf Rakes and Scoops

Leaf Rakes & Scoop

  • CRK553   Leaf Rake
  • CSK555   Leaf Scoop Deluxe
  • CSK584   Leaf Scoop Moulded

Tapered edge to trap surface debris. Leaf Rakes and Scoops come complete with replaceable handles. Leaf Rakes and Deluxe Scoops also feature replaceable scoops. Heavy duty frame.

Leaf Shovel

Leaf Shovels

  • CRK541   Leaf Shovel MKI
  • CRK542   Leaf Shovel MKII

Leaf Shovels use a patented leading edge to create an aerodynamic flow. This flow lifts debris up and flicks it into the large replaceable net.


Pool Vacuum Heads

Pool Vacuum Heads

  • CVF502   Vacuum Head Flexible - Concrete Pool
  • CVB501   Vacuum Head All Brush - Vinyl Pool

All Brush suitable for in-ground and above ground pools.
Heavy weight inserts for better suction. The flexi-vac features adjustable rubberised wheels.

Pool Wall Brooms

Pool Wall Brooms

  • CBK418   45cm Pool Brooms Plastic Nylon Bristles
  • CBK401   45cmPool Brooms Aluminium Nylon Bristles
  • CBK205   15cm Algae Brooms Stainless Steel Bristles

 A quality range of pool brooms.

Extenda Leaf Scoop

Extenda Leaf Scoop

  • CSS010   Extenda Leaf Scoop c/w 4 stage Collapsible Pole

Ideal for all small pools, spas, fountains and ponds.
Unique 5 piece handle provides an overall length of 1.6 m.