Aqua-Nova Wastewater Treatment System

How it works

The Aqua-nova® wastewater treatment system is a two tank system which provides the very latest in aerated wastewater treatment through a multi stage digestion process using naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes.
In the primary stage, treatment is anaerobic, where bacteria thrive in an oxygen free zone, and the breakdown of solid waste is performed. From here the waste is sent to the second stage where air is continually supplied to bacteria providing aerobic treatment to complete the total digestion process.
At this point the wastewater passes through a clarifying process into the disinfection chamber where any remaining pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. Finally the now clean, clear and disinfected water is delivered by an integral submersible pump with automatic level control to a selected irrigation system in the landscaped garden beds or other dispersion areas.




  • zero maintenance by householder
  • trouble-free maintenance by trained service personnel
  • tested to meet accepted treated water quality standards
  • riser Systems available for deep sites
  • suitable for domestic use
  • commercial systems available
  • low running costs: the Aqua Nova delivers reduced operating costs
  • control Panel: control circuitry is fully pre-programmed for automatic operation and requires no adjustment by the householder. The Aqua-nova Wastewater Treatment System incorporates overload cut-off circuit breaker, and an alarm for aerator or irrigation pump failure.



The Aqua-nova is tested and certified to comply with the requirements of the following authorities:

Polymer Tank Systems

QLD - 10EP,  Department of Natural Resources,  22/08/1996
NSW - 10EP,  NSW Health Department - Environmental Health Branch C of A AWTS 006, 14/03/2008
VIC - 10EP,  Environment Protection Agency CA 68/2006, 06/06/2006
SA/NT - 6EP,  Department of Human Services - Public & Environmental Health Services, 30/05/2000
WA  8EP - Department of Health - Government of Western Australia Reg No. 173, 12/11/2004

Concrete Tank Systems (QLD and Northern NSW ONLY)

QLD - 10EP, Department of Natural Resources, 21/07/1995
NSW - 10EP, NSW Health Department - Environmental Health Branch C of A AWTS 004-2, 14/03/2008